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One Click POS - an ERP integrated POS System

One Click POS offers a practical cloud-based online ERP-integrated POS system, thoughtfully designed to meet the specific requirements of retail, wholesale, pharmaceutical, and restaurant industries. 

Simplify and enhance your business operations with our reliable solution, providing a balanced approach to modern enterprise management.

The RemindMe Bot is a WhatsApp Reminder Bot that reminds you about important things by sending you a message at the time you want it to.
Update: 01/01/24: Remind Me Bot offers free reminders for new users but is no longer free for unlimited reminders.

Never say I forgot again!

Creation of Website & Business Emails

We offer different packages tailored to your business to create a website and business email to bring you to the digital world. We create websites using WordPress and incorporate E-Commerce too!

Automating Boringness

We create context specific tools that speed up your business process without requiring advanced technical (no coding) to speed up your work by up to 90% on average.

WhatsApp Bot for Business

We create a WhatsApp Bot to take your Business to the next level. Customers may now view your products and prices by sending a message to a number or even take an order.

What is One Click Solutions?

One Click Solutions aims to provide you with quick, simple and easy to use tools which help increase your productivity and efficiency. 

One Click Solutions targets users from a variety of backgrounds including Education, Human Resources, Enteprenuers among others.

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90% Improvement

One Click Solutions offers 90% improvement on average to your current business process.

In other words, if it used to take you an hour to get your work done, it should take you up to 6 minutes after Automating Boringness in your business/organization.

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