MS Teams: Reading File Contents in Channels

MS Teams: Reading File Contents in Channels

The Hours Log Extractor for MS Teams is one of the many automation tools available to read contents inside channels in MS Teams. Previously, the Populate Channels with File(s) tool uploaded file(s) to many channels inside a team in MS Teams. This tool now reads the file contents (data inside the file) and provides you with a summary -> a full circle so that you don’t get stuck with only half of your process.

Use cases for reading file contents in channels in MS Teams:
  1. Every channel has an excel file(s) you need to read data from (eg. timesheet)
  2. Every channel has a word document(s) you need to read data from 

Sample Usage: Excel Timesheet for Each Channel in MS Teams

Building on from the example of uploading a timesheet in each channel, this tool allows you to read the content in the excel files. Assuming that the teams have already logged their hours, this tool automates the extraction of the hours for each file uploaded using the previous tool. 


  1. Using the synced folder from last time
  2. Use the Hours Log Extractor for MS Teams Tool
  3. A compiled list extracting all the information from each excel file is created

There is further scope to improve on this process:

  1. Data analysis – analyze the data from every team to get an understanding of how each team is performing
  2. Comparison to previous compiled list extracted
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