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RemindMe Bot - Whatsapp Reminders

The RemindMe Bot is a WhatsApp Reminder Bot that reminds you about important things by sending you a message at the time you want it to.

Data Solutions

Form Capture (Word Document)

Do you want to create your own customized form to capture data using a Word Document? Use the Form Capture tool to extract the data in one click!

Communication Solutions

Bulk Email with Unique Attachments

Do you have several different attachments (e.g. Certificates) to send to several people? Each user gets their unique attachment in bulk.

MS Teams Solutions

MS Teams: Populate Channels with File(s)

Have you ever had to upload a file(s) to many channels on MS Teams? Save yourself the hassle and automate it now!

MS Teams: Reading File Contents in Channels

You have now added files in bulk into MS Teams, how do you read the files? This tool automates the extraction of files in all channels.

Educational Solutions

Marking Presentations

How do you mark presentations when you have a panel of markers and several student/teams you want to mark, deliberate and provide feedback?

Research Solutions

NVivo: Printing Nodes

Are you doing Qualitative Data Analysis such as Thematic Analysis or Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM)? Too many nodes to handle? Time to visualize the old-school way!

Generator Solutions

Document Generator

Document Generator

This tool generated documents using a template Word Document by inserting tags to auto-fill with data for each name provided.
Eg. You can create COVID-19 authorization letters in bulk for all of your employees.

Replicator Solutions

Excel Replicator

Excel Replicator

This tool replicates Excel file(s) for a given list of file names.
Eg. You can replicate a Rubric excel file for all of your students.

Word Replicator

Word Replicator

This tool replicates Word file(s) for a given list of file names.
Eg. You can replicate a Rubric word file for all of your students.

Files Replicator

Files Replicator

This tool replicates a file or a list of files for each person or item in a given list.
Eg. You can replicate all HR forms for each employee to organize and keep track of things easily.

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