RemindMe Bot – WhatsApp Reminders

RemindMe Bot - WhatsApp Reminders

The RemindMe Bot is a WhatsApp Reminder Bot that reminds you about important things by sending you a message at the time you want it to.

RemindMe Bot is a smart self-learning bot. The more you use it for a WhatsApp Reminder the better it will understand your requests.

Try RemindMe Bot now:

RemindMe Bot logo linking to WhatsApp
Click on the RemindMe Bot logo for free


  1. Set reminders in any language (including Arabic and Mandarin)
  2. Set reminders by forwarding a message
  3. Check your balance
  4. Get a detailed description on how to use it by messaging help
  5. See the tutorial on Youtube
  6. Automatic update of your account after a purchase
Features of RemindMe Bot
Features of RemindMe Bot

Subscription vs Reminder Tokens

At One Click Solutions, we cater for a variety of needs. Some of our users wanted to pay a monthly subscription fee while others wanted to buy tokens without having a monthly commitment. 

RemindMe Bot offers both options with costing depending on your location. Please visit the shop to learn more. We recommend you purchase the Subscription Plan to receive unlimited reminders and never have to worry about purchasing again!


At One Click Solutions, your privacy holds the utmost importance for us.  We don’t think of you as a customer but put ourselves in your shoes and design our tools and solutions that way.

RemindMe Bot does not collect any unnecessary information. We only collect the following information about a user’s profile:

  • Your phone number (your WhatsApp number)
  • Your time zone e.g., Africa/Maputo [Note: we don’t store your City, Country information]
  • The total number of reminders you have used (a number).

What about the reminders?

  • Every reminder that is set is encrypted twice, once by us and once by Google.
  • Once you receive a reminder notification your reminder is deleted from our database.
Sample Chat with RemindMe Bot
Sample Chat with RemindMe Bot


At One Click Solutions, we value feedback and input and rely on you to help us improve our products. If you find a bug please Contact Us and let us know! We will reward you with 🪙1 Reminder Token for each bug you help us spot.

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