Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo: Printing your Nodes for Data Analysis

NVivo: Printing Nodes

NVivo is used for qualitative data analysis by researchers (students and academics). Examples of analysis is using Thematic Analysis and Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM).

Managing your nodes becomes tricky when you have many of them. It is easy to work with 20-30 nodes but if you begin to have 50+ the challenge is to try to know everything you have.

For my Honours, I did my research using Thematic Analysis (see here). In it, I had a few nodes which was easy to manage as the scope of my study was small and specific. NVivo was enough to categorize and group the nodes.

However, I am currently doing my research using Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM) for my Masters. I am going towards the phase of Axial Coding and currently have 96 codes I Open Coded. You can imagine managing 96 codes is a big mission.

The NVivo: Printing Nodes tool uses the Codebook you export on NVivo to create a word document ready with squares containing a node ready for printing. 

You can now visualize your nodes in an easier manner and then go back to NVivo to categorize and group them!

Note: You have to Export Codebook and have the word document ready before using this tool.

Note: If your computer complains about an unrecognized publisher, click on More Info -> Run anyway.

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