Bulk Email with Unique Attachments

Bulk Email with Unique Attachments

Suppose you have attachments that you need to send to many people. How would you go about it? Usually, you will create a new email, add the email of the person, type in a subject, paste your generic subject of the email, drag and drop the attachment then hit send. You do this process for each person. How long will it take to send 5 people attachments? 10? 100? Would you be able to bulk email?

Now you don’t have to! Using the Bulk Email with Unique Attachments Tool, you are able to send a personalized email with unique attachments automatically.

By having a list of Names and Email you paste that information into the excel file containing information of all participants you want to email to.

Enter the information of the recipients

The next step is to have your attachments containing the name of the people as the file name. If you want to send Ammar Canani an email with an attachment, your attachment files’ names should contain ‘Ammar Canani’ in them.

To create documents automatically and save them with the name of the person, you can use the Document Generator tool. If you have a file you want to replicate using the File Replicator tool to replicate the files with the names of the people in the attachment files’ names.

Attachments folder containing all attachments

Note: This tool used Outlook to send the email. Make sure you are signed into an account in Outlook. It’s best if your Outlook is already open. (It does not require you to enter your login credentials)

Once all of the groundwork is done, you simply run the Bulk Email with Unique Attachments tool, enter the subject of the email you want to send to everyone, select the folder containing the attachments.

The program will automatically email everyone in the list attaching the attachments in the folder you selected.

Viola! See the video below to get an idea 🙂

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