Marking Presentations

Marking Presentations

How does marking presentations usually work for you? Chances are that you probably either print out the marksheets and fill them in or use an Excel sheet pre-loaded with formulas to get the mark from every marker and calculate the average. But what about the feedback and comments? How do you get comments from every member of the marking team and combine it to present it back to the student/team? I assume you copy paste into a Word Document and combine the feedback.

That was how the process was working when I first joined the marking team for an Information System course being offered to 4th years.

So now we have found several aspects that may be improved:

  1. Creating marksheets for each marker for each student/team
  2. Obtaining the mark from each marker for each student/team
  3. Combining feedback from each marker for student/team

To tackle the first problem, we use the Document Generator. We create marksheets for each marker for every student/team using a marksheet template.

Template Marksheet

After generating the marksheets you will have 1 marksheet for each student/team for each marker.

Marksheets generated for a panel of 4 markers that are marking 2 teams

The second and third problem are tackled using a tool called the Marksheet Collater. The Marksheet Collater extracts every marker’s marks and comments and produces:

  • Word Document containing the combined comments from every mark for every student/team.
    Comments collated for each marker
  • 1 Excel file containing the marks for each team by each marker while calculating the average mark for each question and the overall presentation.
    Collation of marks. If a marker has not allocated a mark you see it as blank.
  • 1 Excel file containing a summary of all the average marks for every presentation.
    Compiled averages of every student/team

The video below gives a quick overview of how the process works.

Note: The grades being compiled into 1 sheet is a new feature added to this solution.

Are you interested in Marking Presentations better than before?

Contact us now and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Our solution includes:

  • Complete set up of the entire process to your educational setting
  • Customization to your needs
  • Integration with your LMS such as Sakai
  • 1 Workshop
  • Wiki-how tutorial video

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